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Hello Marvel Universe!

With the announcement of the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disneyland (but not Disney World...), John and Jen try to untangle intellectual property rights when it comes to theme park rides. Universal Orlando has Spiderman....but Sony has the movie rights, which they're now sharing with Marvel Studios. Wait, what? We enthuse over concept art for Ragnarok and Black Panther, and remind ourselves that Marvel knows what they're doing, even if the Thor "mockumentary" shorts seem to be at odds with the epic fantasy tone of the series and the dark nature of the Ragnarok plotline. 

In the episodes "Boom" and "The Man Behind the SHIELD"...yeah.  A lot of side plots that don't go anywhere, an extended Philinda flashback, and some head-scratcher moments where character motivations don't really seem to make a lot of sense. But there are also some great fight scenes, some good character moments, and a hell of a cliffhanger. How can Fitz and Simmons be sure that they aren't LMDs too? I guess we'll find out next week...
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