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Hello Marvel Universe!
John and Jen are back from hiatus, and ready to review the first episode of Agents of SHIELD - "The Ghost".  It's gonna be YUGE, simply YUGE! With the addition of Robbie/Ghost Rider, as well as Dr. Radcliffe becoming a main-cast character, we have a lot of cool stuff coming up this season. And can we talk about those effects? Did they blow the whole season's budget on this episode? All this, and casting news on Ragnorok, the Russos on the lack of death in Civil War, Luke Cage, and some unconfirmed but very interesting rumors about Red Skull and Punisher...

On a scale of one to five flaming skulls, one being terrible and five being Best Flaming Skull Ever, how would you rate this episode? Let us know at earthstationmcu@gmail.com, and rate us on Podbean, iTunes, or wherever fine podcasts are found. 

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